Tuesday 24th March


Can you ask an adult to download and read you the story 'The Cautious Caterpillar', by Twinkl. (The download can take a while and will appear at the bottom of your screen).

Only read up to page 19 then stop and complete the activity below.

Cody the caterpillar is feeling worried and scared about changing from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Can you convince Cody that she should change into a butterfly?

Write a message on a piece of paper in the shape of a leaf to help convince Cody. For example 'You will get big wings'. Hang your leaf outside for Cody to read.

Reception - Remember to use your sounds and leave a space between each word.

Nursery - Ask a parent to help write the sentence for you.

Maths - Symmetry

Can you paint a symmetrical butterfly?

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half and ask an adult to cut out a butterfly shape.
  2. Paint blobs of colour on one half.
  3. Fold the plain half over and rub.
  4. Open up to see your symmetrical wings.


During Spring, lots of animals have babies. Find out the names of these baby animals: duck, pig, sheep, cow and horse. Can you paint a picture, make a model of one or all and label them.

If you have access to a printer, try this activity by clicking on the link.