Wednesday 25th March


Can you finish the story of 'The Cautious caterpillar? . Did Cody the Caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

Reception - Can you practise reading and writing the tricky words sent home to learn? You could practise writing them in your book, or make it more multi sensory by writing it with your finger in some flour or glitter.

Nursery - Could you do the same with your name?


Can you have a go at completing these symmetrical activities over the week?

Use Lego to make a symmetrical picture. Maybe ask an adult to create one side and you complete the other.

Take a walk around your house or outside. Can you find

anything that is symmetrical. Photograph your finds.

Complete symmetry work on 'Topmarks' using the link below


Can you make some binoculars from junk material ready to search for signs of Spring for tomorrow's activity.

Don't worry if you haven't got any tubes, you could

roll up some card or paper. Don't forget to decorate