Friday 3rd April

Literacy - Amser Stori - Story Time

Can you listen to the story of 'Ugly Duckling and friends'?

Have fun playing the interactive


Maths - Ordering Numbers

Can you have an Easter egg hunt using the numbered eggs you made yesterday?

Ask an adult to hide your eggs around the house or in

your garden for you to find.

Can you recognise the numbers and put them in order?

P.E. Obstacle Course

The Easter bunny exercises everyday to stay fit and healthy, ready to deliver Easter eggs each year.

Can you be like the Easter bunny?

Can you build an obstacle course around

your garden.

Try and include a range of skills such as

balance, jumping and crawling.

Click on the picture to take you to the story.

Easter Holiday Homework

Can you keep a record of the weather each day over the Easter holidays? You could record it on a template like this. Click here!