Literacy - Amser ffoneg, Phonics Time

Nursery - Can you play eye spy in the garden using the

the sound 's'? Can you find all of the pictures that

begin with 's' in this picture too?

Reception - Can you learn to read these words

containing the digraph 'oa'? Now can you illustrate



Thursday 30th April

Maths - Money

Nursery -Can you continue to practice reading numbers and counting by playing in your garden centre? (Parents could you please let me know how well your child is geting on. What numbers can they recognise? How carefully are they counting their pennies?

Reception - Can you play this activity by 'Twinkl'? When completing the activity, remember to say the largest number first and then count on.

Cymraeg - Welsh

Click on the picture to practise your colours with Fflic a Fflac.

Now, can you play this board game using your Welsh?

Or maybe if you have another game with colour,

play that, but use your welsh instead of English!