Tuesday 28th April

Literacy - Reading

Can you listen to and try and read this ebook. To access this

story please follow the link by clicking on the picture.

Then login as follows



Click onto Collins Big Cat and scroll down to find the book.

Collins connect is allowing free access while schools are closed.

Maths - Counting Money


Nursery - count up to 10 using your fingers.

Reception - count up to 10 from any number. e.g. Parent says 6, you say 7,8,9,10. (try not to repeat the number your parent has said).

Nursery - Play this activity

courtesy of 'Twinkl'.


Bible Stories -

Can you listen to the Bible story 'Adam and Eve'?

Can you find out the name of the garden they lived in?

Can you complete this picture of the garden?

Reception - Can you watch this?