Wednesday 29th April

Literacy -

Can you read the story again?



Reception - Can you complete the worksheet that goes with it?

Nursery - Can you learn the letter sound 's' as in sun. can you

practise the letter formation? You could draw it with your finger in a

´╗┐tray of flour/glitter/ shaving foam or ask an adult to draw some s using a highlighter for you to trace over.

Maths - Money

Have you been to a garden centre

before? Watch this clip!

Can you set up a garden centre? Use You can use anything from watering cans , plant pots,

plant seed packets, trowels etc

Can you give the items some price tags


Now play Garden centres.

Nursery - Can you use 1p coins to pay for your items?

Reception - Can you use 1p,2p,5p and 10p coins when buying?

Knowledge & Understanding of the World - Parts of a plant.

How are your sunflowers doing? Are they still growing?

Do you have other plants and flowers growing in your garden?

Can you watch this video clip and find out about

the different parts of a plant?

Why not try this craft to show

what you have learnt