Literacy - News

I hope you had a nice weekend. This is what I got up to.

Can you use Jit to draw and write

about your weekend too?

Can you use the record button to tell me too?

This week we are going to do work

around 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson.

If you have the book at home, please read it.

´╗┐If not you can listen to the story here.

Maths - Measures

"Superworm is super long!"

Did you know that worms don't have legs, they move by making their body's short and long. Can you make a worm grow from short to long.

Click on the worm to find out how.

Remember to press the play button to hear the


Topic - Knowledge & Understanding of the world

Can you go looking for some super worms in your garden?

Could you make a wormery like this, so you can

observe them.

Click on the picture to show you how to make your

very own wormery!!!

Monday 4th May

Click on the picture and press the play button to hear me speak.