Literacy - Rhyming

Superworm has been taken by Wizard Lizard!

Wizard and lizard rhyme, so does toad and road!

Words rhyme when they sound the same at the end.

See if you can join in with this rhyming game song.

Now see if you can play this game on Twinkl.

You might have to sign up to Twinkl, but this game is


Maths - Measures

Can you complete this measuring activity. If you are unable to print

off the work sheet, maybe you could ask an adult to cut up some

´╗┐strips of string or wool.

Nursery - Can you measure your worms? Use non standard units. e.g.

paperclips, building block etc. How many blocks long are they?

Reception - Today can you measure the worms using a ruler?

A ruler uses a measure called a cm. Can you ask an adult to

show you how to measure with a ruler?

Time to Move!

Worms on the move!

Thursday 7th May