Literacy - Listening

Can you listen to the information about worms on

this YouTube clip?

Nursery - Can you draw or paint a picture of a

worm and ask an adult to annotate a fact you have

learnt about worms? Or you could use Jit Paint and

voice record your fact.

Reception- Can you use the information you have learnt about worms to create a fact book. You could make a zigzag book to write your facts or even use 'JiT Mix' and create a worm fact book.

Maths - Measures

Can you use play dough and roll out some worms?

Can you make worms of different lengths?

Nursery - Can you order the worms shortest to longest?

Reception - Can you measure your worms

shortest to longest and then measure them using

non standard measures e.g. measure them with Lego, paperclips etc

Topic - Art, Craft and design

Can you make your very own


You could make it by stuffing

a pair of tights or a sock.

Tuesday 5th May

Example here

Play dough recipe here

Click on the picture to access the web page to make this sock worm.