Literacy - Adjectives or describing words!

Superworm is super strong! Superworm is super long!

Can you think of some other super words to describe Superworm?

Look closely at the worms you collected to help.

Think of words which describe their colour, their size and how they feel.

Ask an adult to help you record your super describing words for super worms.

You could use this template here

and fill the worm full of describing


Maths - Measures

Can you use your worm that you made yesterday and find objects that are longer and shorter than your worm? Don't forget to photograph your finds!

Nursery - Can you sort your objects into a row from longer to shorter?

Reception - Can you use your worm to measure really long objects?

For example, How many worms long is your kitchen floor?

How many worms long is your garden? Can you record them on a sheet

like this?

Topic - Mud painting

I wonder if you can enjoy the mud as

much as worms do!

Can you make some mud paint and

paint a mud picture?

Watch these children having fun painting

 with mud.

I can't wait to see your creations

Wednesday 6th May