Monday 11th May

Literacy - News

Can you tell me all about your VE day celebrations?

This is what I got up to!

Maths - Tally making

Warm-up counting to 20

Can you go on a mini beast hunt and record

how many different mini beasts you find?

Use these sheets to record your work or

create your own.

Make a tally mark every time you spot

a mini beast.


Can you find out more about

mini beasts by watching this?

Why not make a mini-beast hotel

in your garden? Look here for


This week our theme will be on mini beasts.

Can you read this ebook all about the different minibeasts you

might find in your garden? To access this story please follow the link by clicking on the picture. Then login as follows



Click onto Collins Big Cat and scroll down to find the book.

Collins connect is allowing free access while schools are closed.