Tuesday 12th May


Nursery - Can you complete this butterfly? It will

help develop your pencil control. Draw over the lines

as carefully as you can using a felt pen. Then once you

have done this maybe you can colour it in with crayon

or pencil colours. If you are unable to print

ask an adult to make something similar.

Reception - Can you complete the worksheet

that goes with this book?

Maths - Mini-beast Pictogram

Warm up - Counting song

Can you create a mini-beast pictogram

using your mini-beast tally from


Create it on JiT, selecting the

mini-beast pictogram.

Bible stories - The creation

Can you listen to how God made the world?

Now, can you complete an activity like this

to remind you of the order? There are lots

of lovey ideas on the internet.

Maybe you could use mix on Jit and decorate

a day on each page.