Wednesday 13th May

Literacy - Sound and Word Play

Nursery - Can you click on this picture and play eye spy?

Reception -This is Sammy Snail. His name starts with a S the same as Snail. This is called alliteration.

Click on the bug picture and see if you can give the other mini-beasts names that start with the same sound. You can write or record your new names .

Maths - Ladybird counting

Warm up - Counting song

Nursery - Can you play this ladybird

counting game on Topmarks?

Reception - Can you find

´╗┐out all the

different ways of making 5?

Watch Fred Five the Ladybird to find out

(Unfortunately the animations don't work on here).

Art & Craft

Can you make a mini-beast. Maybe you could decorate some

mini-beast pebbles?

Or maybe a paper plate bug?

Or even you could recycle

some of your waste to create