Monday 1st June

Literacy - News

I hope you all had a lovey half term break! I'd love to know what you got up to!

Maths - Taking Away

Can you listen and join in with this number song?

Can you make your own '5 Little Speckled Frogs'

activity? Click and print the picture

(don't forget to change the printer

setting to landscape). Then cut out,

sing the song and help the frogs jump

into the pond.

If you are unable to print, maybe you

could draw and colour something similar.

Why not link this with the art activity


Topic - Art, Craft & Design - colour mixing

Can you remember how to colour mix and make green?

Can you experiment with different shades of green and paint 5 speckled frogs?

Start with yellow in your pot, add a small amount of blue and mix. This is your first green to paint your first frog. Now add a tiny bit more blue and mix. This is your second frog. Continue until you have 5 frogs all a different shade of green!

Our activities this week will be based around the story