Thursday 4th June

Literacy -

Can you listen to this rhyming story 'Oi Frog',by Kes Gray & Jim Field.

Maths - Taking Away

Warm up

Nursery-Roll a dice and say the number 1 less.

Reception - add the amounts of two dice and say the number 1 less.


Nursery - Can you read the numbers and add the

correct amount of animals to this activity page on JiT?

I have done the first page for you.

Reception - Can you complete this work sheet or create

something similar?

Topic - The Life Cycle of a frog!

Can you find out about the life cycle of a frog

by watching this?

Now can you

create a paper plate

life cycle of a frog.

click on the picture

for instructions.

Or print and complete this activity from 'Twinkl'.