Monday 23rd March

Watch the short video about a fictional planet called Pandora. It is from the movie Avatar.

Make notes about the interesting elements to it as you watch as it will help with your writing task today. Watch it more than once as there is a lot of information available within it!


Imagine you are visiting this fictional planet Pandora for the first time. Write a diary entry about your first experience, including what you can see, smell, hear, taste and feel. Obviously you can make up it all up and be as creative as possible!

Use J2E WRITE to record this.

Success Criteria

  • Thoughts and Feelings
  • First Person (I)
  • Sensory language
  • Wow words (Interesting vocabulary)
  • Recount in chronological order from arriving and leaving.
  • Quality writing over quantity, no more than a page using size 14 font.