Friday 3rd April

There are many ways that we find out about Space – one method is to look out into space and perhaps one of the most well known is the Hubble Space Telescope!

Use J2E5 to make a fact Sheet about the Hubble Space Telescope.

Use the internet to research information on the Hubble Space Telescope.  Plus if you log in to your hwb account there is the Encyclopedia Britannica which also has information.

Success Criteria

Picture of the Telescope

When was it launched

Why is it called the Hubble

What have we discovered because of the Hubble Space Telescope

Write down 5 interesting things you have learnt from researching the  Hubble Space Telescope

Make sure you say where you have found the information.

Present the information clearly and organise it into different sections – use headings and sub headings.

Task 1