Task 3

Go to J2launch and select the J2code tile again, like last Friday.

Select the J2Logo to launch the app.

On the window that opens you will see a small spaceship in the middle of a white rectangle.

To the left of the spaceship there are the controls – the controls are like the controls of the Beebot.

Above the controls there are 3 blue buttons level 1  2  and 3.

This time select level 3 and the screen will change.

You now have three windows on screen

On the left the controls for the spaceship, in the middle a window that says the word script and in the third window on the right hand side you will see the small spaceship in the middle of a white rectangle.

If you click on the controls in the first window you will notice that some letters and numbers appear in the middle window but nothing happens to the spaceship.

1. Click on each of the controls in the control window.

2. Under the script (middle) window there is a play button

Click on that and watch the spaceship move

3. Find out what the other buttons do

4. And remember if you want to clear any of the screens just simply click on the rubber icon

Once you’ve got used to the controls;

Draw a square on the screen

After you’ve drawn the square use the LT or RT Buttons to rotate the spaceship by 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees.

To do that click on the down arrow next to the LT 90 or RT 90 and you will notice it changes by 5

degrees each time. To get back to 90 degrees click on the up arrow.

Now draw the square again.

See what patterns you can make by changing the amount of turn (degrees) after each time you draw the square.

What happens if you click the little button next to (colour red).