Week 5

Week 6


In class the children are introduced to their spelling words on a Monday with a spelling test, allowing the children to identify which spellings they are able to do already.

They then set a target from the words that they got wrong to learn through the week. The children then work through different activities focusing on their target words. On a Friday the children have a spelling test to see how well they have done through the week.

Below are a couple of the activities that you can easily do at home. In addition to these I will set activities through j2homework and will share the spelling list through j2blast.

Look, say, cover, write, check.

Rainbow Writing

We sometimes do this a little differently in class. If a child is making the same mistake when spelling a word we write the word with the tricky part of the word in colour and we keep copying it in different colours e.g. sience, science, scienc, science .............