Friday 27th March


Dydd Gwener 27ain Mawrth

Bore da!

Sut wyt ti?

Dw i'n

Funny Friday



Topic: Our Solar System

How to open homework tasks.

  • 15 minutes of Reading Eggs.

I have set reasoning and problem solving activities on Mathletics.


Don't forget to click complete once you have finished.

Share a joke that will make me laugh.

Using the research questions you put together yesterday find the answers and present in an information sheet using 2je.

  • Look, say, cover, write check. Grab some paper and your spelling words for this week. Look at the word closely and then sound it out (Say), cover the word up and write it out. Uncover the word and check if you w\ere correct move on to the next. If not what mistake did you make?
  • Grab some paper and test yourself on your words again. Did you improve?
  • Listen to your spelling words here.