Wednesday 25th March


Dydd Mercher 25ain Mawrth

Bore da!

Sut wyt ti?

Dw i'n

David has 10p more than me. I have 38p. How much does David have?

Word Problem Wednesday

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Topic: Our Solar System

How to open homework tasks.

  • Spelling, write 10 sentences using this week's spelling words (check j2homwrok).
  • Reading comprehension to find out about British astronaut Tim Peake. Don't forget to answer in full sentences where necassary just like we do in class.
  • Hit the button
  • Continue work on number patterns by creating your own rule and completing the sequence from a given number (j2homework).

Make a list of questions (no more than 10) that you could use to research a planet of our solar system.


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A pencil costs 25p. How many can I buy for £4.50?