Friday 3rd April


Dydd Gwener 3ydd Ebrill

Bore da!

Sut wyt ti?

Dw i'n

Finding Friday



Topic: Our Solar System

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Find the mistakes in these sentences and correct.

the weather is going two be dry this wekend

I ave finished mi homeworc.

Imagaine you have visited the planet you researched. Write me a postcard from that planet telling me what it is like. Use some of the information you found to help with your description of the planet.

  • Grab some paper and test yourself on this week's words. Did you improve?
  • Daily reading - Chapter 3

  • Follow the link to the 'Toy Shop Money Game'. Use the coins to buy the items with the exact money. For a challenge use mixed coins or find change for the items.
  • I can order and compare items up to £10 - £100 (2jhomework).