Later this week we are going to be looking at money. One skill with using money is calculating change which is working out the difference between how much the item costs and how much money you have.

Watch the video to see how to find the difference between 2 numbers by counting on from the smaller one.

Monday 30th March


Dydd Llun 30ain Mawrth

Bore da!

Sut wyt ti?

Dw i'n

Multiplication Monday


Numeracy: Finding the difference

Topic: Solar System Fact Hunt

How to open homework tasks.

Daily Reading: Chapter 1

Online Numberline.


Don't forget to click complete once you have finished.

Practise your multiplication skills using TT Blast in J2e. Who can earn the most points by the end of the day?

Use your research skills to hunt for the facts. Put your answers into full sentences and add pictures to support them. Look in j2homework for your fact hunt sheet. You can use the internet for your research or follow the link to the fact cards.

  • Grab some paper and test yourself on your words for week 6. Get a parent to mark your words. Set your target words and then send me an email telling be how you did and what your targets are this week.
  • Once you have finished I have set a word search with this week's words. Colour in the words you find with the pen tool. Don't forget to change the opacity, the slider below where you change the pen size so that you can see through the colour to see the words.
  • Get started learning your target words. Grab some paper and do some rainbow writing or look, say, cover, write, check.

Week 6 Spelling

Fact Cards