Wednesday 1st April


Dydd Mercher 1af Ebrill

Bore da!

Sut wyt ti?

Dw i'n

Word Problem Wednesday

Fill in your answers and click send.



Topic: Our Solar System

How to open homework tasks.

  • Reading comprehension to find out about Mars. Don't forget to answer in full sentences where necassary just like we do in class (j2homework).
  • Hit the button (multiplication and division facts).
  • Continue work on money. Add the total of the coins in each jar and then make the amount using the fewest coins you can (j2homework).

ICT Challenge

Using planet fact cards create a branching database to sort the planets of our solar system.


How to make a branching database.

Henry buys two ice-creams for 70p each and a packet of crisps for 50p. How much has he spent altogether?