Activity 3: Continue the story.

Read the story starter together with your grown up. Think carefully about the questions you discussed together. Continue the story to show what you think might have happened next. Try to include the best verbs from your list in activity 2. Remember to save and share your work with me or drop me an email to say it's saved in your J2E files.

It was the middle of the night when they came.

A typical autumn evening, there was a scattering of fallen, auburn leaves on the highway. Light leaked from a flickering streetlamp, which buzzed faintly as the light bulb struggled.

The wind moaned quietly, and the leaves crackled as they rose and fell, dancing as if controlled by an unseen puppet master.

A humming noise was the first sign of their arrival. In the distance at first, then filling the street as it came closer. It hovered several feet from the road, tilting slightly from side to side as if surveying the land around.

A little girl gasped as she watched from her bedroom window...