Here are today's spelling words.

cough, dough, enough, bought, though, drought, sought, thought, tough, thorough, rough, although 

  • Write a sentence to explain what the spelling pattern in each word is.

  • Put the correct word in each sentence:

  1. That exam was really _________________.
  2. _____________ chocolate is my favourite snack, I also enjoy crisps.
  3. I ____________ my Mum a present for her birthday.
  4. To make bread, you start with ______________.
  5. When it hasn't rained for a long time, there is a __________________.
  6. The teacher ______________ her class was fabulous.
  7. Make sure you are ________________ when you check your work for mistakes.
  8. "Have you got ________________ money to get some lunch?" asked Mum.
  9. The splintered wood felt _______________ beneath my feet.
  10. I had a nasty ________________ so I took some medicine.
  11. _____________ is the past tense of the verb to seek.
  12. It's a grey day: at least it isn't raining _______________.