In English, you have been learning about ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. 

Today and tomorrow, you are going to design your very own pet dragon. Think about it's size, colour, special skills, personality etc.

You need to show us what your dragon looks like (draw a picture, make a model....whatever you like), and then write a short paragraph or some bullet point notes describing what your pet dragon is like.

Here are some prompts to help you:

Does it breathe ice? fire? bubbles? Melted chocolate?

Do you fly around on it's huge back, or is it so teeny tiny that you carry it around in your pocket?

Can it change colour? Or turn itself invisible?

Can it talk to you? In English? Or do you have a secret dragon language?

Is it angry or calm? Shy or confident? Funny or serious?

Do you go on adventures together to far off lands? Or would your dragon rather chill out in your

living room with a good book?

What else is special about your dragon?

Here is a lovely song to listen to while you work :)