Look at the following examples and think about how they would make you feel, then line them up with where you think they should go on the feelings thermometer (one has been done for you - but remember it's your own emotions, so you may wish to change it if you think you would feel differently)

Your parents give your little sister more pocket money than you

A friend is excited and not looking where they are going. They accidentally run into you.

Someone in class tells the teacher you were cheating on a test when you weren't.

You improve your TT Rockstars score!

You are out for your daily walk when it starts raining.

Your best friend invites someone to play with you who you don't get on with very well.

Someone in the class pays you a compliment.

Someone you haven't played with before asks you to play.

You get to have your favourite meal for dinner.

A friend gets a new game that you wanted that your parents couldn't buy for you