Today’s lesson is continuing with our learning about prepositions. 

Please watch the video. When the teacher in the video asks a question, pause the video and write your response to the question (preferably on J2e5) before resuming the video. 


Some of the concepts are a little tricky today – especially when comparing prepositions to other grammatical terms. Please don’t worry. Do your best and we will go over it all again in school. It will be a good reminder of some of the concepts we have covered such as noun phrases, adverbs etc., so it’s fresher in your mind by the time we re-visit it. 

If you have watched the whole video and found it very tricky, try writing some sentences using these prepositions of time instead (remember to be careful to use the correct tense!). 

In the morning 


Last weekend 


In the evening 

Write your responses here: