Islamic Golden Age - The House of Wisdom

Bayt al-Hikma, the incredible ‘House of Wisdom’, was founded by Caliph Harun al-Rashid. He encouraged learning and invited scholars of different faiths to his court, treating them with great respect. The House of Wisdom was a library and research facility which collected and translated writing about everything from Science to Medicine to Engineering to Literature and The Arts, from many cultures, including Persian, Indian, ancient Greek and Roman texts. It was the most advanced centre of knowledge and education in the world! By AD 900, the House of Wisdom stored more books than anywhere else in the world and was attracting the most brilliant minds to study there.

Design your own, modern-day House of Wisdom. Draw a plan and label it. Be sure to think about the following: What would you put in there? What information do you think it would be important to include? What would the building look like? Would there be different rooms for different topics? Who would be allowed in there?