Is it a multiplication question?

Is it a division question?


The baker has 12 eggs.  If it takes two eggs to bake a cake, how many

cakes can the baker bake?


Precious bought 6 packs of gum. Each pack contained 8 sticks of gum. Write a number sentence to show how many sticks of gum Precious bought.


Jim is designing an office building.   He wants it to have 5 rows of windows.   Each row will have 6 windows in it. How many

windows will the building have?


If 100 children perform in the music

program, and Mrs. Hedges puts them in rows of ten, how many rows will she make?


If Mrs Smith puts 24 desks in three equal length rows, how many desks are in each row?


There are 27 boys. The boys make 3 equal football teams. How many boys will be on each team?


Becky earns 3 pounds a day for doing the dishes. If she does the dishes 8 days in a row, how much money will she earn?


If one T-shirt costs £2 how much will 3 T–shirts cost?


There are 8 children in Mrs Smith’s group. She has 90 stickers and wants to give each child the same number of stickers. How many stickers will each child have?


Raymond is counting his books. He is putting them in piles of 5. If he has 9 piles, how many books does he have?


Mrs Kirby has a packet of 55 sweets. If she shares the sweets among 6 friends, how many sweets will each friend have? Will there be any left for Mrs Kirby?


There are 64 books in the new library.

There are 7 shelves in the library. How many books will each shelf have? How many are left over?


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