When you first save a j2e5 document you will be asked to name it. If this is a piece of work from your teacher, they will give you the name to use for the document. If you have created an office file they are saved automatically but you can rename them in my files (see below for renaming).

If you want to message your teacher, use the j2message tile.

Your teacher-user is year6 or year5 etc.

Useful features of j2e

You have your username and password and can log-in at j2e.com. Ask your teacher if you have forgotten or lost your log-in details. To create a new document use the j2e5 tile, or the j2office tile.

If you want to show some work you have done - like writing, painting or making - you can take a photo and upload it with the upload tile.

You can rename a file/document by right-clicking and choosing rename from the menu.

Your teacher will feedback to you on your work. When they do, it will show as a red message on your document. They might also type comments straight onto your work. You can have a conversation by messaging them back.

Your teacher may share a document with you - a worksheet or some pictures or instructions. You can find these behind the shared files tile. Look in the folder for your class. When you save the document it will go in your own folder automatically.

Look in the app store for the free j2launch app for

iphone and ipad - especially good if you want to upload photos.