Hello Year 1!

week of 1 MaRCH

Year 1: Hi from Mr Wollen and Miss Cate! Here is a timetable of activities for this week, including things to do in your workbooks, reading and writing about the story of Six Dinner Sid, more maths with numbers to 40 and some RE, art and science.


I have planned this week to match what we will be doing in school. Please don't let your child complete parts of the English and maths workbooks unless they are asked to on these pages. Don't forget to let your child have frequent breaks - one-to-one learning is very intense!

The timetable is on the next page and all the activities are explained on the pages after that. Any links you need are on the subject pages, eg links to each of the phonics lessons are on the phonics page etc.

Reading and writing this week is again based around the story of

Six Dinner Sid.

Please remember you can contact me if you have queries on

any aspect of home-learning.

more on the next page

The internet can be an exciting place to learn and have fun, but sometimes you might see something online that makes you feel worried, scared or sad. If that happens, tell an adult you trust like a parent or a teacher, and they can help.

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