Ancient Egypt

Today we acted

out scenes from our class books.  We role-played

and freeze framed key moments from the book:

·        Lil going to see her Grandad

·        Lil reading the translated letter

·        Lil, Tulip and Oz plotting the trip to Egypt

We then had a class debate about which of plan was better: sending the canopic jar to Egypt by post; giving it to a museum; or tricking Mrs Mendoza into going to Egypt to write an article so they could tag along and take the jar to Egypt themselves.  At the end the children chose their favourite option.

We are going to be researching Tutankhamen's life.

We have been learning more about the geography of Egypt and Africa. Using our compass points and learning new geographical vocabulary, such as; climate, biomes and weather.

We are learning more about why Ancient Egypt was so powerful.