Ways to learn your spellings:


Each Tuesday, I shall assign you spellings on Google classroom. An internet search will help you find the log in page.

You have been told in class, which group you are in and have written it on your bookmark.

You have also been given your Google classroom login and password.

The username/login name is in the form of an email address.

Your homework is to write a sentence including each of the words (i.e 6 sentences) in the document on Google Classroom, you have done this a few times in school to practice!

Your sentences should have all the words spelt correctly, adventurous vocabulary and be correctly punctuated.

Just writing the sentences will NOT be enough to learn how to spell them, you need to practise them regularly throughout the week. There are some ways to help you learn them below.

I do not ask you to bring your practise work into school but if you are struggling in the tests I will ask to see it.