Sentences due Monday

Test on Tuesday

Set Tuesday

Each Tuesday I shall put your spelling words on here for you to learn.

You have been told in class which group you are in and have written it on your bookmark.

You must learn your spellings at home and will be tested each Tuesday morning.

You must also create a J2office writer file (instructions further down the page) and type each word in an interesting sentence. Just writing the sentences will not be enough to learn them, you could use some of the methods we use in school ie. pyramid, rainbow and train.

Remember to spell all the words correctly, use adventurous vocabulary and punctuate correctly.

Ways to learn your spellings.

Spellings will be set again in January.


Star Word

Using J2e

  • Go to

Login: The school is stmarysrc

Your username and passwords are the same as TTRS

  • When you get to the homepage you will see some tabs at the top of the J2launch page.

  • Click on the j2office tab.

  • Now you need the writer option:

  • A blank document will open that looks like this:

  • Write your sentences.

  • When you have finished click on file and then rename.

  • You will be asked to give your document a title.

The title will be 'Spelling' and the date set. eg. Spelling 14.9.20

  • Your document will save automatically, you do not need to save it yourself.

Don't worry if this is a little tricky we will be learning more about J2e in our computing lessons over the next few weeks.

You do not need

to write the star word in a sentence...