How mountains are formed

By danielle greensall

Fold mountains:

These mountains are formed when the earth's plates collide

and push together. Eventually over thousands of years the

earth's crust rises creating a mountain -this is very similar to

when you push a piece of paper together. Whenever you

push to objects together eventually something gives up.

Some famous mountains are still growing today like

mount Everest.

Dome mountains:

These mountains are formed when

magma pushes up the earth's surface

slowly over thousands of years.

Eventually the magna hardens.

Volcanic mountains:

These mountains are formed when magma erupts from

deep within the earth. When one of the earth's plates

that is carrying a continent collides with a plate carrying

an ocean the water may seep into the earth mixing to make

lava over thousands of years this builds up in the magma

chamber eventually causing an eruption witch forms a


Fault block mountains:

These mountains are formed by cracks in the earth's crust, these are places in earth’s crust where tectonic plates grind against each other. Sometimes two plates will grind together, resulting in one plate lifting up and tilting over. This turns into a mountain range, like the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

There are several different ways that mountains can form. One thing these methods have in common is that they all take millions of years!

Plateau mountains:

Mountains can also form by erosion. In an area with a high plateau, rivers and streams can carve away stone in the form of deep channels. Over millions of years, what is left is a mountain between deep river valleys.