The best job in the world

When you have the best job in the world you don't get paid for doing it but it makes up for it in many different ways. This job involves taking care of a small, helpless child from its very first breath and also to shape them into who they are before they go and make there own decisions in life. I think the best job in the world is being a parent.

Here are the things that my dad says about being a parent.

. You get to play silly games.

. Eat sweets and ice cream.

. Go to the cinema and watch kids films.

. Laugh and have fun with your children.

(All of these things even though you're an adult!)

My Mom says...

. The unconditional love your children give you.

. Teaching your children life skills and watching them grow.

. Watching your children succeed and achieve there goals however small they are.

(e.g. from the first time they manage to hold a knife and fork to feed themselves right up to them graduating at university and getting the job they always wanted.)

. Keeping you feeling young.

. Having someone to share your day with.

In conclusion I think the best job in the world is being a parent because you get to do loads of fun things with your child(ren) and they are all positive.