Monday 27th April

Literacy - News

Can you write about your weekend news, as independently as possible, in your red book?

Nursery - Draw a picture and ask an adult to annotate. Could you also practise writing your name?

Reception - Draw a picture and use your sound strip and tricky words to help write a sentence. Try and write two sentences if you can. Remember to use a capital letter to start, finger spaces and a full stop to end your sentence.

Maths - Money

Can you look at the different coins we have. Talk about the different size, shapes and colours. Can you see any numbers on them?

Maybe you could use some crayons to do some coin rubbings?

Art - Colour mixing flowers

Can you make some hand print flowers using the primary colours?

The primary colours are... red, blue and yellow.

First paint one hand red and print a flower, then paint your other

hand yellow and paint a flower.

Next, rub your hands together. What colour are your hands now?

Print this to make more flowers.

Now try with red and blue, what colour do you make when you rub your hands

this time?

How do you think you can make green?

Remember to practise your welsh when doing

this activity.

Can you remember them?

If not, why not go back to the previous lesson

on singing the colours of the rainbow in Welsh.

´╗┐Why not watch this episode of the Tweenies

to find out how they made different colours!

Click here for the lesson